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A Retreat is a real treat and gift to yourself to practice and nourish yourself on all levels. 

Join us for magical days together!

I am so excited to share this amazing retreat with you at beautiful västkusten Sweden!  6-9 July!

I have been a  Yoga Instructor in both India-Goa and Sweden Malmö since 2009. Having my own yoga center in Sweden for about 7 years and yoga retreats in both  Sweden, India, Bali and now in beautiful Tenerife! 

this retreat is in co creatiion with lovely Anna Sunneson and yatra yoga resor .

you can read more and book via 

we woluld love to see you!!

Joining a retreat is always a real treat in different ways and a beautiful oppertunity to meet yourself on a deeper level as well as meeting new people and discover new places.  In my years of practicing and studying many different styla of yoga and tradition I mix the best of the best in the fusion of classes and workshops I share. 

nya yatra sommar retreat .png
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