6 weeks online course- BALANCE


What does it mean to live in balance? What does it mean to live your life more wholeheartedly? 

Are you longing for a change in your life and do you have that feeling that you know somethings needs to be changed to live your life more the way YOU want to live it? Well then this course is definitely for you!

Yoga, Meditation, breathwork together with workbook with special themes that we dive deeper into to learn and understand more about ourselves and what we really need to create that change in our lives and live our lives more wholeheartedly.

BOOK AND READ MORE HERE :  https://balanceroom.thinkific.com/courses/balance-with-jenny-viktorsson



Listen to Your Body

Aroma touch session is an unique and gentle massage to balance and relax both body and mind. With wonderful essential oils from Doterra you are offered this soothing treatment along the back and finish with the feet.  

The essential oils support the body to detox, to relax, balance and boost the immunsystem to feel an overall wellbeeing and renourished.

The session  is  45 min price 550kr 

Book by e mail: jennyshakti@jennyshaktiflow.com


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